Beginner problem

In the C-Sharp Level1 Tutorial we’re introduced to the OutputPort “class.” I’m not entirely sure of my terminology. Is there a reference for this class that I can look at to see the proper syntax for properties and methods for this class. And for the FEZ Panda II I know that FEZ_Pin.Digital.LED is 69 but where is that defined? How can I see what other definitions there are?

When you create a project, use the templates we provide to create a project fro your FEZ. This project will give you a blinking LED to get you started.

For OutputPort documentation read at the following link:

I have the example of the blinking LED working. I see from the examples that there is a “.write” method and a “.read” method for the OutputPort class. How would I know if there are other methods?

Likewise from the example I know I can use FEZ_Pin.Digital.LED for IO pin 69 but what are the designations for other pins?

The best way to find out some of these things is start typing things in Visual Studio, and voila, a pop-up of fill-ins appears ! You could of course read the documentation, but sheesh! (FYI [url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career and [url][/url]