Been two months since a TinyCLR release

when is the next one ?


Good question :grinning:

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Bad answer :unamused:

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Bad answer → was overloaded from → Good question

seems we are near for good news :smiley:

I originally asked this question :slight_smile:

but hey there is no hurry … for me NETMF is no longer a toolset … all my paid applications are small and run on cheap micros using C and a RTOS :slight_smile:

Nothing personal, except that I get a kick when I read this on the Gadgeteer Codeplex site

Will Microsoft stay involved?

Let’s deal with this question directly. It is not unheard of for corporations to open source technology while they walk away from it. This is not the case with .NET Gadgeteer. Just as we continue to make investments in the underlying .NET Micro Framework platform, we are planning continued support and investment in .NET Gadgeteer. In fact, we plan to be very proactive in helping partners get their products to market in the shortest time possible. In addition, we are maintaining the web site to support .NET Gadgeteer and to assist our partners in promoting their products to the user community. We plan to do what we can to develop an active ecosystem for .NET Gadgeteer where a number of companies are making compatible kits and modules for a variety of markets. For example, we will be hosting educational materials (lesson plans, etc) for a variety of ages on this site.

TinyCLR (which is not NETMF) is all GHI Electronics’ efforts. What you see on other websites does not reflect what you receive from us. We, for a reason, did not set a roadmap. TinyCLR is in the works and the plan is to do it right, not rush it through.

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Thanks Gus.

So I can safely state that TinyCLR is not NETMF but a proprietary offering from GHI ?

It’s like NetMF, 2017-style, done the right way, and actually supported.

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GHI, and only GHI, is in charge of TinyCLR OS. I thought this was clear.

It is clear that TinyCLR is all GHI but there are several grey areas

1.Things are moving from a MS model to GHI proprietary
2.There is no roadmap or dates
3.What is Governance on core features (at some point there will a base and premium for sure)
4.How long can this fly without MS - VS2018 or whatever it may be called and further ?
5.How does one build Customer confidence ??

There are more questions but over time there may be answers. TinyCLR may become a great platform but unfortunately that may be months or years away :slight_smile:

What about the FEZ supposed to be available anytime soon …

TinyCLR is a preview. We are not asking for confidence or commitment yet. When time comes, I agree we need to answer all your questions.

Same for FEZ, everything is part of a bigger plan that is coming together.

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