BeagleBone Black. Trying to repartition a 64Gig SD Card

Trying to repartition a 64Gig SD Card. I can install the Debian image as bootable but always fail when trying to repartition afterwards.

Long time ago I used SuSe Linux but I have forgotten more than I knew in the first place.

Anyway, I wanted to ask if
Check available volumes

sudo su

ll /dev/mmcblk* << Is this a valid command. (note the ll)

I see this command used (Code found on the Web)
I get a not found error when using the ll.

And I also see

-l /dev/mmcblk* (note the -l)

Can anyone tell me what the -l means

Not sure what/where to search for.

Thanks in advance.

Let me just clarify, so you are not booting from said SD card?
The SD Card is 64GB, does it have existing partitions on it?

All the searches for stuff like this should be scoped to the Debian operating system (as it concerns the BBB, and the module). Can you say what the target partition sizes are?

I don’t know if is the same with the beaglebone debian image, but with the raspberry pi jessie release of raspbian, the OS automatically increases the file system to fill the entire SD on the first boot.

@ Mr. John Smith -

I can boot from the SDCard when used as Win32DiskImager creates it.
The partition is the size of the image file (I forget the exact size it was)
but 99% of the card is unused.

I wanted to use the unused space for data storage.

I am not sure what is needed for the target partition sizes (That was for a later project).

This is not a problem for me because I was just trying out several methods to expand the partitions.
None I tried seemed to work. Just playing around for now.

@ cyberh0me -

I have Debian (Same version (86) as on the BeagleBone Black) on another PC but I did not want to use it for this exercise.

I was trying to do it as if someone only had Windows 10.

@ cyberh0me -

execute alias

Thank You…
Now for some more reading…
Almost like magic!

I believe mcalsyn did something like this when he added Samba and Mono, first he had to expand the partition.

@ cyberh0me -

Thanks for the information on ll is a short for ls -la

I was using information found at:

ll /dev/mmcblk* using returns bash: ll: command not found

ls -la /dev/mmcblk* This works