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BeagleBone Black Programming


Does anyone know if (how) it is possible to develop/debug C/C++ code for the BeagleBone Black using the native Windows environment (I don’t mean using a VM to run Linux)?


@ Synapsys

TI has SDK available and you can use GCC for ARM.

I had GPIO LED blinking demo running in one evening (used Windows 7).


try google search for “beagle bone black gdb” … start picking & reading.


That looks interesting:


@ Architect
That looks like what I need. thanks :slight_smile:


You are welcome! What are you doing with your BeagleBone, just curious?


@ Architect
I am experimenting with various boards to implement an embedded display system. The system will allow lesser power processor boards to display “forms-like” screens similar to the 4D systems.


@ Synapsys - be sure and check out for UI goodness when looking at NETMF/Gadgeteer.