Beagle bone!

This is sweet - bone

It is! :wink:

Not much in the way of tech specs though … but what is there should looks great.


Javascript - really ?


Mine came in today, Not sure exactly why i bought one. I guess because it has all i want on a board. High clock rate, small and low cost.

After playing with it for a while i am sure glad there is GHI!

I suppose if your a linux guru, and have been around Beagle since its start you can sift through the scattered documentation. Its my feel that they know what they are doing but have no idea how to explain to a newbie how to really get going with it.

This will wind up on the shelf and then eventually make it to the trash some day.
Unless of course someone ports .nermf to it, then it will be a sweet deal.

Exactly my thought. I got one with this in mind. To make a .netmf port eventually. As always time is the issue. :frowning:

I think we all fell in this trap. “it is powerful so I will buy it” then you never use it. Yeah I have a beagle board that is collecting dust on my shelf :slight_smile:

Netmf everywhere. It is going to happen.

I believe I have around a dozen embedded system development boards in the basement.

I was never happy until I found the Arduino, which was a start. When I found GHI I said Hallelujah.

Yep, Arduino got me started. Netduino got me excited. Fez boards hit the spot.

NETMF (Tahoe-II) got me started. FEZ got me excited. Gadgeteer got me into Arduino… What a weird trip this has been.

That is exactly what i told my boss today.

He asked me why do you want to learn .netmf so bad. So i told him just that.
I sure hope that behind hidden closed GHI doors is a board much like this beaglebone. in the works.
This board has almost everything i want, the only other thing that could make it even better would be a TFT LCD header.