Be warned!

I received my new BeagleBone Black Wireless.

I set it down on something conductive (I would assume…)

Now when I plug in USB or 5 Volt power the Power LED blinks once! Grrrrrrr :-[

@ cyberh0me - DoA is not the same as “set down on something constructive” :wink:

@ Gus -

“set down on something constructive” <- Then it would work again!

Where do I get one of those?

Probably my fault but I do not know how I did it. Could it be because my work area if full of junk?

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@ willgeorge - There are certain pins on the Beagle Bone Black that if you short will destroy the device. Was the device on when you set it down?

@ Mr. John Smith -

I really do not know how it happened. I had a small metal tweezer on the desk so maybe I set the board on it.

It was working, I had to do other things and left the room for awhile and when I came back it was not working.

Maybe one of the cats was up on the table or more likely I did it without knowing I did.

Some things are probably best not written down in public if you don’t know for sure and an RMA is an option :wink:

@ ianlee74 -

Some things are probably best not written down in public

Not sure I understand the meaning…

I have no Ax to Grind toward anyone or product.

To me a RMA is not an option. I wrote it off as a learning experience.

@ willgeorge - Don’t forget to salvage connectors and the like from it.

Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting you have an ax to grind but only that it could be that you have a legitimate RMA. I’ve had several products in the past that might fire up once or twice then never again. So, maybe not technically a DOA but still very much faulty due to a part part that let out the smoke much sooner than it should have. I was only suggesting that if I’m uncertain of the cause of a failure, I typically would discuss it directly with the manufacturer first before laying blame on myself or them. You very well could end up with a good board out of the call. You never know, this could be a problem lots of folks had out of that batch.

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This made me LOL.

It’s a disease!

“Oh, my point and shoot camera got destroyed when my water bottle opened in my backpack. Oh well, at least I will have an afternoon of unscrewing very tiny screws, and looting the camera’s corpse for tiny servos for the zoom lens, cool little plastic lenses , an lcd screen, and of course, the tiny screws themselves”


@ mtylerjr - Of course the tiny screws themselves :slight_smile: