BDESC-S10E-RTR Electronic Speed Control hook up to Cerbuino Bee

Hi guys! Yesterday i bought a speed controller, here is the model:

But i can’t hook it to the Cerbuino bee like a servo via a pwm pin… I did everything the same way like i did with a servo. I set a 1.25 ms, 1.50 ms, 1.75 ms (durations) to the PWM and i’d like the motor to drive, but it doesn’t drive. I measured the power motor’s wires (positive ang gnd) with a multimeter and it showed me a 0 voltage everytime, so i can’t drive the motor…

Can you help me to find out the problem please? How to control the ESC with a PWM pin?

Have you connected the SC ground wire as well?

With rc speed controllers you will need to arm it before it will run. So find the data sheet and see what sequence it needs. You will need to do something like drive it low then high then low to program its range.

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The arming procedure is pretty generally the same across the board, take a look at this PDF

Your app needs to behave in the same way - you’ll hear the arming notes if you arm it correctly.

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@ Justin, @ Brett
Thank you very much for the GND advice, it helped! Now i am trying to complete an arming procedure… Let you know the result… I don’t understand the behavior of my ESC yet, when i turn it on the motor beeps once and the red LED on the ESC starts blinking, after i set the 2000ms pulse and it drives like a crazy but vise versa, after i set 1000ms pulse and i’d like the motor to drive on opposite way but it doesn’t drive before i set the 1500 ms pulse and only after that it drives the opposite way but it seems like with not full speed, only 70-80 %… And i can’t figure out the pulse limits: what is the highest pulse for FORWARD, and what is the Lowwst for backward. But i know the neutral it is 1500 ms…

Ok! I am done. I had to switch the motor’s power wires vice versa, and that is it.