Bay Area Maker Faire 2016

Guess who is going to be at the 2016 Bay Area Maker Faire? You guessed right, we will be making the 2,090 mile trip from Detroit to San Francisco in just a few days! If you are in the area and would like see to us in all of our embedded glory then stop by booth 2434 and say “Hello”.

[em]Why are we going[/em]? We will be volunteering in the BeagleBoard.Org Foundation booth and talking about how awesome we are and how much we love the team at the Foundation (but mostly about how awesome we are!) We even helped in creating a couple of demos, so please feel free to stop by and see what’s cooking with GHI and the Foundation!


GHI is now even manning the beagle board foundation’s booth? And you call kept this quite this whole time? This relationship must have been ongoing for almost a year.

Will you be uploading pics or videos soon? I wish I could just hop on a plane and show up to these things.

@ Mr. John Smith - We will be uploading pictures and video from the Faire next week other than the random pictures I take throughout the course of the weekend.

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If I start a gofundme page, to get me tickets to fly to california for the faire, will anyone here donate? :smiley:

Count me in for a dollar

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I’m in for a dollar with @ Mike

Ok, ok, peer pressure. $1.00 and I up you $.25
$1.25 :smiley:

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@ mtylerjr - How much are the tickets?

@ mtylerjr - You have a great start with a pledged $3.25, what is the link to your gofundme page.

This is cool. Make is live streaming parts of the Faire.

I was too poor and had to sell my keyboard, so I couldn’t type in my link, sorry :slight_smile:

Actually, one of my two US passports expired on the 21st, and the other I have to send to NZ immigration so they can give me a new visa, so I couldn’t travel, even if I could raise the money.

I am going to put up a bunch more stuff for sale in a day or two, if anyone is interested. The visa for me to stay another year was more expensive than we thought (had to pay several hundred $$ to translate some forms from our time in Italy, even though LAST visa application they accepted them in Italian, as is :confused: )

One day we’ll look back at this time, and laugh.

But anyway, I hope the Maker faire was awesome. :slight_smile: