Baud rate in Cerbuino or Cerb40 as low as 600?


I would like to know if you can set baud rate on COM2 or COM3 on Cerb40 to 600. I can change it as low as 1200 and worked, but trying to change to it to 600 give no error but does not work. It merelly set to the default 9600.

Is it possible to get 600 baud in any of the UART?

Thak you in advance.


PD: It work on EMX, but need it on Cerb40 or Cerbuino

@ epenciso - It is uncertain if the Cerberus Family can obtain a baud rate as low as 600 as the main focus in test cases are typical baud rates ranging between 9600 and 115200+. We will test this as soon as possible and report back with an answer.

600 is really slow. What are you using it for?

Yes, boring slow… I need to communicate with an energy meter IC which starting baud rate is 600. After starting you can change the baud rate, but the first command should be in 600.
Thanks for your help.

You might be able to bit bang the baud rate command at 600?

Byron, I think do not understand correctly the terms “to bit bang”, but if you mean that if I need to change again to 600, the answer is no.

I could reset the IC by a digital input. After any reset the baud rate of the uart on IC will be 600 again. My first command to the IC will be to change its baud rate to a higher value. After this, I will reopen the uart on the Cerb40 or Cerbuino with the new baud rate. So during normal operation, the baud will be always higher than 600.


you may be able to manually toggle the pin to simulate the 600baud command using appropriate waits.

Maybe I will try to do such simulation by bit banging, but as communication is only a small portion of the controller tasks, I would perfer to use the stardart dedicated hardware. Also, although I have no experience in such bit banging, I guess that correct syncronization and correct byte buffering could be a problem.

Thank you again

It is quite interesting that the baud rate can be set to almost any value (not only the standart ones). I am new to this controllers and did not know that. I found that Cerbuino can be set properlly to values as low as about 640 baud rate. Bellow this value, it throws no exception, but does not set to the expected value but to the default 9600 baud.

What I have done is to change the crystal in the commercial IC to a higher value, so its baud rate starts also to a higher value (about 700 baud). Now it works fine.

Thank you in any case for your help.

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