Battery Power

I’m new to all this so please bear with me if this question is a bit basic.

I want to power my Cerberus with batteries rather than the USB lead that comes with it.

I notice there is some sort of battery module ( but I can’t find it for sale in the UK.

I’m guessing most people want to power their gadgets with batteries so what solutions do you use?

Many thanks

Hi ChimpBrain
you can order this through mousers UK site.
Mouser are pretty cool as they have the option to ship UK duty and VAT paid. Ive just recieved a full spider kit for work. It takes about a week though as they ship from the US.
The other thing is that us UK customers need to hassle people like Proto-Pic and Coolcomponents to stock more gadgeteer modules etc.

I’d say most people power them from USB actually :slight_smile:

You need one of two things to power it from batteries.

First, you can have the red battery module; if it’s not available from anyone in the UK directly, you might try Mouser who I think stock GHI gear, or you can buy one from GHI direct (I know, freight sucks… I live in Australia!)

Second, you can use a standard battery holder power source (enough batteries of some size, giving 6v or more at full charge) and have that feed into a red USB/Power module (the GHI USB DP module or similar). That could be two 18650 LiPo batteries, or 4x AA, AAA, C or D size batteries; you just need the right size connector to plug into your DP module. It could even be a remote control battery pack of over 6v if you wanted.

You also need to remember that depending on the battery capacity and what other modules you have connected, you’ll get varied run-time of it.

Also available from, a GHI distributor I’ve used many times with great succes. If you’re powerning a ‘live’ project you may want to keep an eye on that battery… I did a tutorial on this, check it out :slight_smile:

[quote][/quote] is not a valid link ???

Thanks all for the info. I think I’ll go for the USB DP module and hook a battery pack up to it.

That’s the best option :wink:

but it doesn’t work for IE or Firefox. (Server not found)
Maybe it’s blocked in some countries.
What browser are you using?

@ Lurch - It didnt work for me before but now does - they must have had some fluff in the clack valve…

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I’ve used these:

and others as well as the UC Battery 4xAA Module but as you can see there is a theme going on as typically I get things that generate power which is accessed via a usb connection which just makes stuff easier. Now when I have motors etc that eat power sources then I tend to go with batteries but it feels so Neanderthal. If someone could just make a fusion module then I’d be really happy :slight_smile: