BatchPCB Closed

Not sure if this has been discussed to date, but I just found out that the BatchPCB fabrication service has announced that they’re closing (or have closed…not clear on the timing, though it looks like it was a few months back). Alas, the website is currently throwing exceptions, but the announcement was here:

OSHPark has a page with instructions for migrating account info (look for the “How-to guide” link):

A bit of a bummer…had used both OSHPark and BatchPCB and was pleased with the results from both. Nice to have options.

While I’m on the topic of PCBs, Pete and I will be discussing creating your own PCBs on this week’s episode of The Uninitialized Show:

Would love to have some of our fellow module/board makers chime in on twitter (@ UninitShow) or in the comments!

Date and time for the show? :wink:

Thursdays 16:30 eastern.

Correction: 3PM

Correct. Unless otherwise noted, we’re usually live from 3-4pm Eastern Time on Thursdays. And Pete or I will usually announce the next topic on our Facebook page a few days ahead of time.

If time is an issue, it maybe a good idea if the show was 30 min? In my case, 30 min works better if live or if watching later.

Gus, have you met me and Pete? Asking us to be brief is like asking snow to be warm. We’re neither of us known for being succinct. We’re lucky if we can keep the show to an hour.

Maybe we need a setting on the video to run it at 2x? :smiley:

@ devhammer - I was going to say that 30 min is barely enough to talk about what t-shirt each one of you is wearing during the show. ;D ;D ;D

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I know, right? :open_mouth: