Basic SD program logger

For whoever is interested, I put up a fairly simple data logging class on

The most notable aspect is that it creates a unique file name for the data files. It keeps a file on the SD called index.txt that simply keeps track of the last number used.

This way I can make multiple runs and have separate logs for each time. The data is written out in a CSV format.

Hopefully it’s useful to others.

Now that was a nice piece of code to share… you should have a link in your post so others can go straight there

There I did it for you…

Cheers Ian

Thanks Ian!

I’ve updated the library to add the property: public bool DebugMirror.

If set to true, it will also do a Debug.Print of the data. This way if you are tethered and there’s a problem writing out the data, you’ll see it in the VS Output window.