Basic MicroSD Question for the Panda II

Last night I bought a new 8GB SDHC card and put it in.

A sample program that needed a Micro SD card went futher than it did before the card.

However, now I want to copy files to the SD card.

Should I see a new 8GB drive in my list of drives on my Windows 7 PC?

I am using the latest updates.


You mean you want windows to see your FEZ as a card reader? You can do this but then you need to free up the USB port and debug over serial.

Thanks for the response…

What I want to do is copy the demo files to the SD card. The FEZ app wants to read the files found on the SD card.

What is the proper way to copy the files over?

Thanks again!

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Still not sure what you mean.

I apologize.

I’m trying to run the demo app: Extension — FEZ CONNECT WEB SERVER found here:

The download came with two folders: One contains the application (Web Server) which is executed on the Panda II. The second folder contains the HTML files which the Web Server expects to find on the external storage (Micro SD).

My question is: How do I copy the HTML files from my PC to the Micro SD card?

Thank you for your patience.

The best way would be by using a USB card reader?

Are you kidding me??? Too funny and way too basic.

I guess I should have gotten one that came with an adapter. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help!!!


I’m cooking with gas now!

That is, I got an adapter, copied the files over, and it’s working great!

Thanks again for your help and patience.


By the way, you can make your board run as a card reader. Read the USB client tutorial if interested.