Barometer sensor configuration issue

I’m trying to use the barometer sensor with FEZ Cerberus.
The sensor (type I) should work with connectors #1 or #2.
Having said that it seems to work well only at #2, while the reading on connector #1 seem bad (negative temperature and pressure).

I could have moved the barometer to #2 and call a day, but my pet project requires to plug Barometer + GPS + Bluetooth sensors.
This means that the only viable option for this setup is to put the Barometer on connector #1 - which brings me to this honorable forum in seeking a solution.

Any ideas what may have gone wrong?


One thing you can try is to change the module driver to work of Gadgeteer SoftwareI2C instead of hardware I2C. That way you will be able to use any Y sockets as well.

Can please you elaborate on how to do this for the Barometer module?


I2C pins are shared by sockets 1 and 2 on Cerberus.
It seems to be a connection problem with the socket 1 pin 3 which is used to read the sensor config.

@ NicolasG -
is this is production error with this board?
i have managed to use two Cerberus boards and seen this problem.
is there a rework for this?


Do you have any other I2C modules you can try? I do not have a Barometer sensor, but I have often used the digital compass and accelerometer sensors on socket 1 & 2 of my Cerberus board without any problems.

Any chance you can grab the driver code and step into it?

Actually, I am not sure that this is the latest version, the Seeed tree is somewhat neglected… but it should at least show you the difference when you connect it to different sockets (check the returns from the factory calibration)