Bargain scope

For those in the US there is a real bargain on the Rigol scope just now. It comes with free upgrades which includes the decode options. I have them on my DS2202 and they save a lot of work trying to figure out what your code is doing.

Not sure how long this is valid until but it shoulud be $349 + $745 free upgrades.

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Man, good test equipment is expensive.

Do you think $349 is expensive?

I have an Agilent scope at work and it isn’t even that expensive of one and it cost about 10X what this is going for. While I know that it is better in many ways, the Rigol is actually a pretty good scope in a lot of ways and better in one or two. Some of the guys I work with have scopes that cost 10X what mine did. So, yeah, good test equipment is expensive, but I would say this scope is a bargain.

It’s a bargain. My 200Mhz DS2202 cost me just over $2000 and came with the same decode options this bargain unit comes with. Being able to test your SPI, RS232, CAN bus etc with this scope will save you many hours.

Even for a hobby user this is a real bargain. A scope is the minimum tool you should have on your test bench if you are dealing with electronics. :slight_smile:

Just ordered one.
Have wanted to before but the free software update sold it for me.

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I tried to sell an agilent scope in here for $400 and there were no buyers. I had to sell it on ebay to a guy in germany for about $300

Sorry to revive an old topic.

I see that the scope is still on sale. I have never touched a scope before, but had the wish to have one numerous times - do you think this is a scope suitable for beginners?

Is there a tech sheet available somewhere? Did not see anything linked in the shop. I need to know whether this is Europe power grid compatible (230 VAC 50Hz).

It states 120/240 V Universal.

If you’re in Europe, I’d check out local suppliers rather than importing. Could be sticky for warranty returns etc, its often just easier to get things local especially “expensive” test gear
Edit: having said that, I see many EU purchasers use the EEVBlog discount code to buy gear, so it probably is not that risky… hint, there’s a code in the last page of the thread