Barcode scanner

I am looking for a 2D barcode reading sensor. I am having a hard time finding just a sensor. Lots of ready to use scanners, though.

Any suggestions?

here you go:


I think this one is linear. You have to swipe across a barcode to read it. I didn’t mention it, but I would like to be able to read QR codes as well.

Just the sensor, not the whole USB scanner ?
Scanners are usualy easy to find ( ) but never seen just the sensor ! I am not sure they do exists under a single chip, it seems to be a complex mounting of a laser and a reflective sensor ( Barcode at Allied Electronics & Automation, part of RS Group ) with some bit of software to produce understandable data…

That what I was afraid off. :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

At work we use a module from Motorola together with the Motorola SNAPI SDK (

They order modules only, without enclosure and it is connected to some kind of USB port over flatcable. I’ll see if I can find the type of the module because they are not listed on the Motorola website.

Anyway as far as I undertsand, if you need “QR codes” as well, we are not talking about the same technology anymore. 2D barcodes are usualy read with a laser and a reflective sensor, but QR code need a camera and a complex software for image analysis. So maybe the sensor you need is only a camera chip, and you need to find a SDK to detect and extract data from each picture ?

@ Wouter Thanks!
@ Nicolas Yes, I have implemented it before. I was hoping there is an “out of the box” component/module that I can use to build my own scanner.

@ Nicolas3,
1d bar-codes are sometimes scanned with a laser, in the more expensive scanners. In the cheaper scanners they use a linear CCD array.

For 2d bar-codes they always use a CCD camera with a processor to extract the image and decode it. QR Code is one of the many standard 2d bar-codes.

@ Architect,
In know that one company I work for is using a 1D bar-code module, but it is a full module with serial interface to control scanning and to get the data. I suspect that the manufacturer of that module also has 2D models. The 1d module I saw was REALLY small, around 1.5" by 1" by 0.5". Should I try and find them?

Thanks guys!

@ Errol. If it is not a very big trouble. This is not a high priority.

Is this for fun or profit?

You can make a simple 1D sensor with a LED and a photo transistor. As you swipe. Measure the width of the bars and calculate the code. This is hard software work but quite possible on a Fez. Not good enough for commercial purposes but fun to learn about how barcodes work.

internal usage. As Wouter suggested I have found this one

Checking with the seller if he can sell one item and not a lot of 10.

I think, what we use consists in 2 pieces. There is a small PCB connected to the sensor with a flatcable…

(Like the PCB you see on the left here: )

We use a module from

They do have 2D scanners, but doesn’t look like they have 2D modules…

Thanks, man! ;D