Balancing robots!

Not wanting to derail bstag’s thread ( too much, I’ll move this to a new thread…

Check 'em out!

They really, REALLY make me want to get some more Gadgeteer modules and warm up the 3D printer…

Very cool - i want them :slight_smile:

That is really cool. I wonder how far one would get doing this with NETMF, or would the latency be too high and require RLP?

@ taylorza - i reckon you could get away with just plain old NETMF, hmmm i have a 3 axis accel sitting around gathering dust…

Damn, I am jealous. I would really like to try my hand at this… Once I am back from leave I will need to order some components.

@ taylorza - perhaps we share ideas to see if we can do it :slight_smile:

I believe we have had 2 built with .netmf. I know mine had no RLP. I am working on rebuilding it for a article so that stuff will be posted when complete. I think we had another a while ago that was listed in the forums.

That really makes me wish Gus would hurry up and get that laser going. These would make some awesome kits!

If he sent me the laser, I’d be happy to get it running. (no, I don’t know how… I just want to play with it)

Yea, me too… However, I’m 99.99% certain that he’d never get it back :slight_smile:

Love the design especially 3rd video. Smart way to distribute weight with battery mounts. The only thing that is missing is some led shines. Especially with clear acrylic.

May be we should give Newton some credit, but i guess that someone else would have discovered his laws of motion!

The ball bot is cool. I’ve seen this done with a Lego mid storms kit too.