***Bad Memory Detected!*** Please Contact GHI

I have this output in a connected Netmf Deployment Tool window after calling InFieldUpdate (Types.Application)

GHI Electronics, LLC
G120(TM) GHI low-level loader Rev 1.02

***Bad Memory Detected!!*** Please Contact GHI

Anyone had this before?
G120 custom board and version

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@ David@ Leclanche -

somehow Flash or SDRAM initialize failed . Try to clean those pins

Deploying the (application) hex file manual fixes the problem but…i can reproduce this in a 1 to 5 cases when the hex file is downloaded over FTP.

We are stress testing and tampering the InFieldUpdate functionality and i was curious what the cause for this specific error could be.

It is “for sure” not a bad memory problem :wink:

Maybe buffers are not completely written to SD card before we call the function after download.
Sometimes we also get a entry point not found error, more test to execute in the next day’s to get this stable.

@ David@ Leclanche - interesting! We would love to get a way to reproduce on our end.

@ David@ Leclanche -

Once that message shows up, you can’t enter TinyBooter for TintCLR, how did you download hex files manual to fix the problem?

I had the MFDeploy tool connected during the application update, it’s there where i had this message, and from there i was able to manually deploy the application hex file again.

The application itself checks at startup if there are firmware updates on the SD card, i true -> start update proces.

Root of the problem was caching, this how it was done :

                //download files over FTP to SD card is done, reboot the device to deploy this
                PowerState.RebootDevice(true, 50);

And this is the fix :

                //download files over FTP to SD card is done, reboot the device to deploy this, but flush and wait a bit before rebooting...
                PowerState.RebootDevice(true, 1000);

I did like 100 upgrade / downgrade cycles today with this modification at a 0% fail rate :slight_smile:

I had this problem on a Cobra II. I almost gave up on the thing and then I cleaned it off w/ some windex and let it dry. No joke.