Backup power for these things

So I am sure many of you have deployed some of these and would like a nice integrated rechargeable battery backup that you can integrate with your component. Well, so would I, but until I figure that out, I have the same functional result using a FuelTank from CallPod. I have no affiliation with them other than being a customer, but they are designed for recharging small electronics while you are on the go and their design makes them work quite nicely as a battery backup system. Just keep it plugged into the wall and you have a nice steady output of power to your device even when the power goes out.

I am working on a design for a backup battery power module that will support recharging, but so far it isn’t going too well.

Rumor is that GHI has a LiPo module in the works. I don’t think you’ll have to wait long.

$50 for 2200 mAh seems shockingly expensive…

I used one of these to power some of my projects.

Of course it means that I get to wear an embroidered hemp hippie shirt and woven grass sandals and put a deadhead sticker on the old van, because its solar powered green goodness. The only thing that is missing is a Fez with a monkey on it, and I’m working on that.

@ DukeNukem - when did you get you chi-qoo? Steve Presley and I have been trying to get on the backorder list for a couple of months. Seems like he can’t keep up w/demand.

@ ransomhall I can understand why he is being overwhelmed with orders as its uber freaking cool. I ordered mine before Christmas last year and got it in January, so I beat the rush that was no doubt to follow. I wouldn’t mind picking up a couple more for gifts as I like everything about the product, the company, and the reasons he created it. Its one of those things where everything about it is right, like Gadgeteer.

Another device I’ve used to power a Gadgeteer project is a nPower Peg device which is the world’s first Kinetic Energy Charger, also scores high on the uber cool scale

Have you ever tried 5 Hour Energy? I get “Hours of energy now - no crash later.” :smiley:

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The other device that I’ve used to power a project is a BioLite Camp Stove (only powered while cooking), and its really unbelievable not only in power generation, but in heat produced for cooking as 6 pine cones and breakfast was served. Also getting some more of these for gifts and everyone who sees this thing in action wants to get one.

I didn’t say it was the cheapest, just that it works. Bootstrapper is nice, but mine always seem to end up in closets or in the garage. If nothing else maybe it triggers a different idea in someone.

A plug-in power module would be sweet, since right now jerry-rigging is the only way to get portable power to a Gadgeteer system. For what it’s worth I’m planning to power my vehicle with a basic NiMH R/C battery pack, Pololu stocks adapters for most common R/C battery types but not the 2.1mm plug itself.

That LiPo module would be really nice for the Gadgeteer form factor boards, but it doesn’t help on CerbuinoBee.

Why not? Just plug it into one of the Gadgeteer sockets.

Or for the cerbuino - solder on a 2.1mm barrel connector. I picked up a wack of them off ebay 65 cents a piece.

@ ianlee74, if it is a LiPo power module then it would require the correct socket type which the CerbuinoBee does not have.

Maybe… We haven’t seen the module yet. If all it is is a power (red) module then you can plug it into any socket.

Highly relevant:

Note that charging it using solar would take days (2, 3, more, depending), but it’s 3500 mAh, and $25.

@ godefroi that is a great looking unit for the price, if I could hook up extra solar panels to it, then its a no brainer, might order one anyways as no one ever accused me of being too smart :slight_smile: