Awesome Soldering Video Tutorials

Hello guys,
here is an Old (Metro) and effective series of soldering Video Tutorials:
Click the link below to open all of the video tutorials Playlist :slight_smile:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


here are some pictures of my skills in Soldering before and after the Video: you can see the difference :slight_smile:

… Bookmarked to watch while on the treadmill …

This is great! Why don’t they make training videos like this any more?

I don’t think they can find the tech that was used in those videos anymore. :smiley: It all looks pretty old. lol

Someone forgot to tell the Americans that there is an L in the word !! :stuck_out_tongue:

This video is quite old but there are a few new ones on Youtube worth watching, especially the ones on SMD soldering. This one ain’t too bad for learning basic soldering techniques though.

I’ve always been curious about where that pronunciation came from…

It sounds so weird to me when someone pronounces the L in solder or salmon!

:smiley: i LOVE when he says to “stop the projector” hahaha. grade school flashbacks

well at least if they pronounce the L in salmon then you know they are WRONG…as the L is Silent…

Same thing with solder according to that site

HA HA, “get in and get out as fast as you can” - funny. :whistle: Good advice!