Availability of Fez Cobra

Hi, I will be thinking of purchasing seven or eight FEZ Cobras in the next few months as part of a project. I notice that they are out of stock on the website. Is production going on as normal or will I face some difficulty in getting this number of Cobras from you?

@ blue123 - Hi blue, if you can wait a little while Cobra II is around the corner - faster, cheaper… http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=9048

Ah yes, I saw, but will there by any original FEZ cobras available? Already started a project working on these.

if you need hundreds then GHI can make them for you but they will not be in regular stock ad the new cobra II replaces it. Why would you want to use the old one and the new one is lower cost and faster?

@ blue123 - There will probably be very little code change to move from Cobra to Cobra II