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Automating my gate



my project I’m looking at is to control the gate at the side of the house. I’d like to allow access during the day, but lock it at night. I’m looking at solar with battery backup to power the unit/modules but think I’ll need some serious power for an electro magnet (12V/480mA) to secure the gate. Or do I go with a servo that slides a bolt? I plan to have a keypad on the outside for access in the evening/night.

I’ve read the solar power related posts on the forum so I’m familiar with the options there.




Definitely go with a servo or an actuator. Any solar cell ought be good enough since it should have pretty limited usage and power consumption. Just be sure to put it in hibernate during the day when it’s not doing anything.



I thought I might have a surveillance camera, but that could be switched on with motion sensors.