Automatic notification if "tagged"

It would be nice to get another notification when somebody “tagged” your name in a forum post, like @ Gary.


Yes. As long as it’s optional. :slight_smile:

@ Architect - don’t be talking about me on a Saturday, I’m not in the office to defend myself!

@ devhammer - Yes, like all other notifications that are already available.

@ Gary - so it is already implemented for GHI folks? :open_mouth:

This has been suggested a few times in the past. I still think its a great idea but its apparently never become a priority. You should also post this request to Task Tracker as a feature request so it can’t be ignored :wink:

@ Architect - nope, I’m just trolling as @ devhammer would say about me.

@ ianlee74 is now officially on the ignore list.

@ Gary - some online forums have that feature too. :wink: Not sure if it is needed here, though.

@ Architect - I would say that’s the perfect feature for some of you and yes, you know who you are!

I would argue that the need for this feature is a testament to the success of this forum. If its so hard to keep up with every post that we need to be notified when our name is mentioned then that’s a great thing and shows that we have a vibrant and active community. I know I sometimes don’t see my name mentioned for days after and sometimes never if the thread gets very long quickly as some do. An instant notification would help keep the conversations moving and make support even better than it is today.

@ ianlee74 - In my last message I wasvtalking about “ignore” list feature. To be clear just in case :wink:

Doh! Sorry, I had @ Gary on my ignore list. Didn’t see the preceding message… :wink:

How about a notification when Gary puts you on one of his lists? Although, that might cause too much traffic for the dri servers.

@ Josh - Don’t tag me bro.


That should be the notification! :slight_smile:

Looks like somebody is testing something. :whistle: :dance:

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If we had signatures, I know what mine would be… “@ Gary”

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That almost sounds like you are going to yell at people and make lists!

it’s good to see these new up and coming enthusiastic types stir the pot :slight_smile:

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Now if they would just get rid of the blue box and put their ugly mugs on there so we know who we’re talking to :wink: