Automatic fritzing from eagle

This is a preview of something I am working on. Inspired by EagleUp - Frieagle. (Name is not final ;D )
The goal is to have a complete Fritzing part generated from eagle.

That would be completely, utterly, and in every way AWESOME!!!

Having played a bit with Fritzing, I really like it, but want desperately to have Gadgeteer parts available so that when I draw something like this:

I can actually represent the Gadgeteer stuff properly as well.

That is the plan. Here is another image of the arduino uno:

King Architect, you’re a genius. It would be a complete part including the pads and all three images?

The name needs work…Friegle sounds too much like “fried Eagle”. Not very appetizing. Eagling? Eaglzing? Fritgle?

Yes, complete part ready to be dropped into Fritzing.

Unfortunately the way GHI eagle files are done (outline layer) breaks the main shape in the svg. Looking at the ways to work around it. But check the amazing routing work on Hydra.

If you look at the center of where the processor goes long enough, you can almost make out an image of Gus!

I’d love to have this on a mug :smiley:

I wonder how long did it take to do such a routing job. :think:

Fixed outline issue (with the exception of one corner). Now need to came up with color schema to make boards less busy, figure out what to do with text and it should be ready for beta testing. ;D

Very very very very cool.
Some name suggestions:

Eagle Nest
Eagle Partz
Part Builder
F.A.B (fritzing automated builder) kind of a take on Fritzing Fab
Eagle Strike

Do the Fritzing guys know about this? They may ask you to speak at the next Fritzing University commencement, and bestow an honorary PhD or two upon you :slight_smile:

Frickin’ Amazing!

For sure. This utility is perhaps more important to Fritzing than any feature that it may have currently. It’s the parts that make it what it is and you are sure to make thousands of new parts appear over night. If you’re not asked to join the Fritzing team then they’d be making a serious mistake. I really hope this happens and you accept. Otherwise, I’m afraid Fritzing will never take Gadgeteer seriously and add the functionality it needs.

Hi Architect,

This is Jonathan from the Fritzing team. We have been working on something similar and only just came across this forum thread. Your project sounds really great. We’d love to compare notes–maybe there’s a way we can work together. Please email us at info .at. fritzing .dot. org.


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Hello Jonathan and welcome to our community.

I am sure architect will be happy to share with you and I want to say you guys did really great with Fritzing. Really, well done.

Let us know if GHI can help somehow.

Hi Jonathan,

Sure thing. I will be glad to share and work with you.

I will shoot you an e-mail later today.

Hi, Any updates about fritzing-ghi parts library? I couldn’t find anything searching the forums.

Hi everyone,
in the meantime here at Fritzing we have built a command line tool called brd2svg. It converts an Eagle PCB design (brd file) into a Fritzing part (fzpz file). The source and a detailed readme can be found here:

It’s a bit involved right now, because it uses an Eagle ULP as a middle step, and requires to modify some config files for every part. But it produces super-high quality parts.

It would be really nice if someone took on the effort to integrate it directly with Fritzing.
Since Eagle 6, it should also be possible to do this without an Eagle ULP, because now the Eagle file format is XML-based.

Btw, there’s also an lbr2svg tool we have made to convert a complete Eagle parts library into individual Fritzing part files. We haven’t released this yet, but just let us know if you’re interested and we will do. :slight_smile:

Duh, link is not showing, at least not to me (less than 50 posts). :frowning:
So here it is again unhyperified: