Autodesk buys EAGLE!

I’m really curious to see where this leads. Autodesk has knocked it out of the park with Fusion360 and if they can finally bring Eagle up-to-date with the same level of modern intuitive GUI support then this could be really exciting. Potentially some competition for CircuitMaker at some point.

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Eagle has a long way to go before it could be considered a modern peice of software, but then the same is true for every single other eda package. Autodesk have certainly bought themselves a interesting project.

@ ianlee74 - Do you really think that they have knocked it out of the park with fusion 360? How does it compare to Inventor?

Well, I haven’t used Inventor but yes they have knocked it out of the park with Fusion360. It’s an absolutely top-notch CAD program that is definitely leading edge when it comes to CAD. I tried Solidworks for a few weeks before Fusion360 and for what I do Fusion360 is exponentially better and easier to use. And it’s free for non-commercial users!

Fusion360 doesn’t seem to be free any longer for non commercial users. They offer free one only for students…

@ EvoMotors - Here are the instructions to get the free version for enthusiastor, maker or sub 100K usd turnover business


Unless you have access to Solidworks, Fusion 360 is definitely considered the “gold standard” for modeling engineering-type parts. I understand (but have no experience) that Blender etc is still the better tool for “organic” modeling.

I tried Solidworks for about a month before giving Fusion 360 a good look. I found F360 to be much more intuitive. There are still a few things that its missing (ex. sheetmetal tools) but development is happening very rapidly with monthly releases and priorities driven largely by the community. The UI for Solidworks appears about 10 years old. Even if Solidworks offered a free version, I’d still choose F360.

I find fusion to be a stripped down version of Inventor. However, it’s tight integration and affordability mean that it’s the best bang for the buck. Now if they integrate ECAD into it…

then they win.