Autocompletion VS 2012 Ultimate - .NET micro - FEZ Domino


I started to work on Netduino (and FEZ Domino especially) just today.
I’m student, I would learn more about these.

I have done this tutorial:

There is another that I could follow for learn more about these technologies?

I saw that I don’t had any autocompletion or auto import “using” or some help in VS2012, how can I fix that? It’s really boring because I usually work with and I know nothing about the framework. (What I have to import, etc.)

If you have some tips for beginner (I’m not habitue to work with embeded equipment) especially in informatic electronical, I take them!

Thank you.

Hello Vadorequest,

there are a many books you can start with .net micro framework programming:

Getting Started with the Internet of Things

Getting Started with Netduino

Embedded Programming with the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework

Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer

If you have no electronic know how, it is better to start with the Gadgeteer Platform. It is easier to begin. Gadgeteer platform has a designer help you with the import and initialize of the parts.

If you have problems, you can find a solution at Codeshare. There are many complete samples for all parts. You can can customize it.

I hope these informations helps.


I started to work on Netduino (and FEZ Domino especially) just today.
I’m student, I would learn more about these.[/quote]

First Netduino != FEZ Domino. Both of those products are .NET Micro Framework boards but they are made by different companies.

I think you may be experiencing a bug in VS2012 (or Gadgeteer SDK…). If you do not explicitly save your Program.Gadgeteer file after you draw your connections in the designer then those objects & their Intellisense will note appear once you start writing code. Also, sometimes you have to explicitly compile your program before the Intellisense will appear.

Thank you for your responses!

I know that Netduino is different from FEZ DOmino, not the sames drivers and things like that, different ways but not much about.

I don’t really understand what is gadgeteer, a framewok ?

I have intellisense, a little, but not really useful. Nothing about the include to do when I use some class that are not included, etc.

Thank you for the links Uuuups! I will take a look.

@ Vadorequest - If you’re using a version of VS2012 other than the Express edition, then I highly recommend you check out Resharper. It will add a lot of intelligence to VS in regards to which assemblies to include and much more.

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Well done, I’m using the ultimate version and not the Express edition.
I will try this right now, thank you.

I’m gonna read the description too, there are a lot of things to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a word of warning…like heroin, once you’ve had Resharper there’s no going back. I forget how to use VS when I get on a machine that doesn’t have it :wink:

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