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Australian bundled shipping expressions of interest


OK, I am getting closer to the point where I have time to get the kit I’ve been planning (although I’m still tempted to hold off until the Panda’s are ready :))

I’ve been in touch with the local resellers and there’s no interest in offering wider choices of platform like the Cobra or for customised orders, so it’s back to square 1 - direct orders.

Here’s my proposal. I will order my stuff, plus anything that others want, and bring it to my location, and you can share the incremental freight costs. From there, we can sort out ways of getting it to folks, like use the post, hand collection/delivery (I’m based in Sydney), and can even do COD.

So Post here if you’d like to “get in” on the deal - no need to post what you want just yet, just expressions of interest. Hopefully we won’t hit the customs limit and get pinged duty, but if we do, you can share that too :slight_smile:


Have you tried speaking to some local specialized computer offices, ones that ain’t some sort of big chain market with general stores but focus solely on computer hardware. Bcuz we got lots of them here and most will buy hardware you need(like ordering a couple of Cobras to ship with their otherwise big shipment of CPUs and such).


Not relevant. There’s not much point in trying to buy from GHI as well as some other vendor in the US and saving shipping - just adds logistical issues everywhere. Thanks for the thought tho.

PS: it’s not just AU based, if any of our NZ colleagues want an option.


Do you know that now we support cheaper shipping with USPS?


you didn’t two days ago when I looked at the options by faking up a cart full of Cobras :slight_smile:


Brett, i’ll still be in the order for a MicroSD unit for my FEZ Mini… Shared shipping is cheaper shipping!



Heffo, do you only want the SD card? Now’s the time to speak up :slight_smile:

RJ, have your order, email me if you want to change it now the pricing is up.

Mark from Perth, you may not have seen this in the past. If you want in, let me know in email (my hotmail address is brett_pound).


Just saw this now, i’ll probably get a Panda. I want one but am not willing to pay it’s price again in postage hehe.

FYI - don’t go over $1000AUD in value or you will get customs. Customs + GST works out to around 13-15% on an order of about $1000-1500. I can give you the breakdown math if you want it :wink:

I’d love to get a cobra but it’s not in my budget at the moment.

Perhaps you could order in extras to ebay? See Gus about becoming a dealer? I’d do it but i don’t have the budget this month :frowning: