Audio card support

Is there any support for any add on card for audio playback rather than the standard built in audio driver?

There are some MP3 cards and breakouts from Sparkfun that can play back pre-recorded MP3 streams.They use the VS1053B Midi/MP3 codec. You send it a serial command to play the selected file.

I need to have text to speech so those won’t be suitable. Looks like I may have to just use the standard driver for this just now.

Will this work for you?

As much as I love the EMIC2 synth as it reminds of the old Dectalk, it’s not high enough quality. I am aiming for something along the lines of Amazon Echo type quality.

I like people with ambitions!
:hand: Looking forward to see what you find!

Dave, I think this might interest you. :smiley:

Funnily enough I just received the email about this today. I think this is a Kickstarter I want to back. Pity I missed the early bird prices but I can still get the 2 boards for a good price.

I was just looking on the Xmos website yesterday too with my lookout for far field mic arrays. Good timing I would say as the Xmos dev kit is $745 so the Seeed Studio one offers a far better price level to get playing with this.