ATWINC1510-MR210UB1954 alternative

I just received a lifecycle change from Mouser for the WiFi module, ATWINC1510-MR210UB1954 from Microchip indicating that it is not recommended for new designs.

Although, they still show stock coming in, which device would GHI consider as a drop-in replacement? I have a new design that requires 5-10 years of life and I am looking to use a SITcore module for this project.


Shows status as in production

Then it must just be Mouser stocking status that is changing. Won’t be the first time they’ve made something obsolete even when the manufacturer is still showing active.

Does the “1954” have something to do with it? Is that a version number? There seem to be other ATWINC1510’s that will be available.

The 1954 part was what GHI recommended for the WiFi module. I just need to make sure that other versions will work with the SITcore driver.

Not all versions are shown as in stock.

I think that is just what firmware they have but this can load any firmware

if it used 1500 instead 1510 there’s a 313 in stock ?

Grab the stock you need :slight_smile: According to Microchip “Out of Stock Additional quantities can ship by 19-May-2023”