Assign to network stack

normaly i use something like

sckt = New Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp)

to get a network connection.
When using (for example) the CellularRadio driver from codeshare I have to use the special “CellularRadio.socket” to get the connection

it’s possible to assign a networkdriver to the netmf net class, so the code is independent to the actually connection and the program can swith the connection type

should I say that all ideas, c# - code or something else is welcome
(not only vb - i only prefer it for myself)

So I am now assuming that this was a question - which I’ll phrase how I think about it…

How do you abstract the underlying connection away from the app so you can use either a regular netmf socket, or the socket from the CellularRadio, interchangeably.

I can’t help, but I hope stating it like this might lead others to have input.

@ Brett - That’s what I want…


If  Not (Ethernet.Interface.IsActivated) Then 
End If

is the code for the ghi ethernet modul. But what is needed to use my own Modul to assign to the stack. what function are needed for the interface and where are the commuinicaton between socket and module. I want to redirect the connection through my module