Assert Error

When my ChipworkX program is idle, every 30 seconds it does an webrequest post to a server just to let it know that it is up an running (a heartbeat in essence). I’ve been testing it here and recently I’ve had several instances where the screen is black and there a message that says:


I can’t seem to go more than 8 or 9 hours without getting the error (sometimes as little as an hour or two). I have another ChipworkX testing at a customer site that appears to be doing the same heartbeat with no problem for days. I can’t say for certain until I get specific feedback from the customer - for all I know he has had to reset the unit. However I have been checking the server regularly and it always has a current heartbeat and it has been going for almost 14 days.

With this in mind I am going to replace the ChipworkX module here and try again. But I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on whey the Assert message would come up. Thanks.

This message means the system crashed. Check your power source and try to provide an example software showing this.

Do you use I2C/SPI?
Do you have inductive loads in your system?

What error do you get in debuger if you debug device?
Do you close streams/sockets? If not maybe this can be problem…

I am not using I2C/SPI or have inductive loads.

Also I haven’t gotten an error in the debugger because I haven’t let it run that long that way. I might see if I can try. And yes I have closed all my streams and sockets.