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***ASSERT*** error


an ASSERT was displayed on the Cobra LCD.

I have to reload the firmware as I cannot get out of this.

the error occurs with a bad parameter in DrawImage (I think -1 in opacity).


(I’m guessing a bit here )

If you have to reload the firmware, the chances are that your program if it loads makes NETMF barf. So to get around that you could go into bootloader mode and use MFDeploy to erase, and then redeploy a working app.


Make sure that you use the latest firmware with the latest tinybooter.


no, I could not erase using MFDeploy. Everything was stuck. Firmware is the latest


That’s not the latest firmware… GHI are currently on

You need to double check your board and SDK…

Cheers Ian


sorry, it’s Both versions are the latests.


This is a known issue. For opacity, you should use a value between Bitmap.Transparent and Bitmap.Opaque…