Assembly Instructions for Cerbot

I am getting ready to put together an unassembled Cerbot kit, and realize that there were no instructions.

It is fairly easy, using the pictures of the assembled unit, to figure out the mechanical details, but the wiring of the motor is not straight forward. I could figure the wiring out, by trial and error, but a little guidance would make it easier. I would like to wire it such that a positive speed is forward. With my luck, I would wire it backwards…


If I remember correctly, the top lead (after assembly) on both sides is the positive one.

Here’s a pic of the beta Cerbot showing the orientation. Red wires are positive.

@ Mike - I think polarity is marked on the board. You can check the direction of a motor with a battery (AA or something) and then wire it accordingly. Take into account that one should be reversed.

How you wire the motors should not matter anymore. There is a function in the Cerbot controller code to invert the motor polarity on the off chance that they were wired incorrectly.

Here is the sample function:

cerbotController.SetMotorInversion(true, true);

However, this is how mine are connected: The bottom motor lead is connected to negative (-) and the top motor lead is connected to positive (+) in relation to how the motors would be placed on the board.

This orientation is the standard of how they are connected on the assembled units.