Asking if it is OK to post some code in Codeshare

I do not know if this type of code is allowed because it does not directly relate to GHI products.
(I assume that it would be removed by the ‘Powers-in-charge’ if it is not appropriate)

I wanted to post the code because I use a lot of different USB devices and sometimes things
go haywire loading a driver and I like to see if anything changed. (I keep a list of devices).

The application I use is the same as this but it writes the data found to file. For safety reasons
I have removed all code that writes anything but data to the windows form list boxes and labels.

The application READS the Windows Registry for Hid and USB devices and provides some of the
information about the device.

This application DOES NOT WRITE to your Windows Registry! It only looks and prints what is found.

We will let you be the judge of this. If this benefits other community users then please post.

Community, pleasd let him know your thoughts.

I would like it to keep close to the subject.But as Gus said if it helps somebody else I don’t mind.