ASCII Encoding

Hi, I am in need of ASCII encoding in my project - I believe the LCD display I am using takes ASCII characters. Is there anything equivelent to System.text.encoding.utf8, but for ASCII?

Not sure I understand. Doesn’t the lcd driver api just take a string and do the right thing for you? The text lcd I got from the product page did that.

Its i2c so I need to send it the precise bytes.

Use UTF-8 encoding.

Okay I will try that… I guess I asked a bit early because I’ve just realised that I still haven’t got it working :frowning: Nothing seems to happen on the LCD.

Xarren… Why don’t you use Christophe’s code (Bec a fuel )

Same device as you’re trying to use… All the work has already been done for I2C LC. He has also done multiple broadcast for using two of the same display’s…

Cheers Ian

Thanks, Ill give that a try