ARM9 ? Still useful?

You’ve used ARM9 core in your RAPTR boards? Is this totally outdated or still useful for block coding? I think I see LEGO using it in their brick and I see LEGO EV3 is programmable with MakeCode. Do you think they are using the ARM9 for that, I can only see that core listed for the EV3. Just wondering if it is too outdated for our library program to get started with robotics. I have stated that we need to move our kids off of MC Arcade at some point and into physical electronics so we are looking at LEGO robots but do not want to get in deep with faulty hardware. Must stay with MakeCode at this point. Thx.

What are you trying to accomplish? ARM9 is very old.

We wish to educate kids about their new “smart world” by helping them learn electronics and coding. We do not have the luxury of a public school classroom where kids are required to attend and (supposedly pay attention) but we are in afterschool and library programs. Kids can walk away if they lose interest or get distracted. Therefore, Arcade works. BPArcade is great ! We want to go from there to Arduino type systems but cannot keep 10-14 yr olds’ interest; they walk. So, looking at LEGO EV3 robots with MakeCode. I know ARM9 is old ; that is why we hesitate. What we require: robot hardware with sensors and actuators (not Micro:bit bots, we have them-too simplistic), MakeCode; simulator on monitor if we can get it, sturdy hardware, works with Chromebooks (not Arduino app. purchase-did that). Good community support from open source developers-if possible. So we’re still looking. Suggestions appreciated. Since our kids now use MakeCode, we will stay with that until they get to highschool and can move to lower level coding.

Arduino is 10+ year old technology. If you react to take kids from arcade to more advanced topics then you have to wait a bit and see what GHI has been cooking for you and your students.

I can solder pins on my BrainPad Arcade. I do not have data sheet and pin diagram for it. Waiting in hopeful anticipation. Meanwhile we are looking for “robot” with sensors and some kind of movable appendages to follow lines and pick stuff up. We need MakeCode which I know is Beta, Beta, Beta. Thanks for all your hard work; I know you are a crew dedicated to education.

The is that you are going faster than we are. We will give you everything you need if you just wait a bit.