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Area for code snippets


How about creating an area where we can post sample code snippets. Kind of like a object / function sharing area / library. You have the full project sharing area but there are times that I am just looking for a specific function or object to include in my application. Just an idea…


I like the idea and I think I have something in mind that would make it even more useful. Let me see if I can convince the webadmin.


You can tell him that we won’t come back on the site if he doesn’t implement your idea ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea!

I would be willing to write a few short tutorials on techniques a beginner might find interesting.

Could use the wiki, but I don’t like messing with them.


Bec a Fuel, you know that’s a hollow threat :wink:

I love the idea too - often I’d like to see how someone else did a particular “thing” and see if my ideas lined up. For instance when I started looking at timer threads for display updates, I went into the projects and downloaded a couple of different ones before i found something I could use. It’s a small discreet “snippet” that when put on a wiki or similar would have sped things up for me (but admittedly there were other benefits from reading the full source from others ! )


This is a good idea. Hope the web admin likes gus…:wink: