Are you ready for major news?

Are you ready for this? Secure IoT is our middle name!! Stay tuned for major announcements.


Congratulations Gus and the GHI crew! Really exciting to see this moving forward. Azure has done a lot to simplify and secure the cloud, but nobody has yet both secured AND simplified IoT node and edge engineering, so I’m very happy to see you add this piece to the puzzle.


love this masterpiece

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Super ! still called G120 ?

Image shows the old G120 next to the new drop in replacement

Thanks Gus … now I see :slight_smile:

It’s this baby, right? Already in your docs!

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Please wait for the announcement. Your post got deleted :slight_smile: this is not an insider post.

Sexy… :heart_eyes:

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Sorry Gus, realized after lol!

I see there are 3 round pads in 3 of the corners. What are these used for?

seems like imitates of holes on G120 (to look similiar)

My guess is they are fiducials for manufacture

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Now that I see them on the top, I think you might be right. Merit badge for Justin, please.

Yes! Justin is correct!!

He is our new Grand Prize winner!!!

Oops. Just looked at the rules. Grand Prize winners must be United States residents. Sorry Justin :sob:


BTW, the grand prize is a bottle of hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper.


How old fashioned. You guys need to learn how to install and use one of these. Your loo roll expenditure will quickly be reduced and your underwear will be skid mark free too. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you. I agree

So excited to get my hands on the SITCORE family.


Hilarious how that is categorized under “Paint Sprayers” :smile: