Are there any buzzer-specific examples?

I’m looking for information on how to program the buzzer which comes with the Fez Medusa Get Me Started Kit. I’ve searched a bit but still can’t find any information on it.



Check out Tunes sketch

Hi, sorry to revive old question.
I can’t get any sound out of the Tunes module on the Medusa Mini socket#2 and could not locate the Tunes sketch. Looking at the Tunes.h I can’t see how to actually “play” anything, just setting up freq and duty cycle.

Instead I tried to just pulse an LED using the Arduino function Tone(6,400,500) for example, with the LED+resistor on socket#2 pin 9 (IO6, same as Tunes module). This does not require Gadgeteer resources and works.
It should also drive the Tunes piezo, right? No luck and I don’t have a sig gen at home to test the Tunes module. Maybe I’ll cobble a cheapo oscillator with some gates.

Any thoughts on how to use Tunes module or link to sketch?

Thank you,

As I recall, the devices had to be plugged into specific port - you couldn’t just mix & match. It’s been several months now, so I don’t entirely recall, but I seem to remember that after connecting the components exactly like this:

(reference: An Arduino-compatible, electronic building block system! by GHI Electronics, LLC — Kickstarter)

…it then worked. As I recall, when the buzzer was connected to a different port, even though I had accommodated for the different port in code, it didn’t work. I think it’s port #2 in the picture… I had to connect to buzzer specifically to port #2. That’s all I got. Good luck,


Hi Jeff

It’s on socket#2 but no-can-do, whether by Tunes (Gadgeteer) or Tone (Arduino). I will test the buzzer at work tomorrow with a signal generator.


No sound on the bench using a signal generator and power supply.

What kind of signal are you generating?

I tried 1kHz square (30-50% duty cycle), 3Vpp (offset for 0-3V excursion).

Bad module perhaps?

Yup, that’s what I’m thinking. I emailed support.