Are FEZ HAT analogs 5v or 3.3v?

I’ve been looking through documentation and I haven’t been able to find if the FEZ HAT analog inputs are 3.3v or 5v, and I don’t want to fry anything. I looked at the schematic, but it did not have any chip numbers for me to be able to go and look up datasheets.

  1. Are the analog inputs 5v or 3.3v?

  2. Is there a definitive source I should be looking for this?

@ PintSize.Me - Looking at the schematic for the board, you can see that the reference voltage for the analog chip is UCC. the reference voltage is the maximum input value. Looking at the connector to the PI, you will see what voltage is connected to UCC.

Thanks for explaining that, I guess I didn’t pick up on the fact that VCC would be the same everywhere, though it makes sense that it would. So unless I’m reading something wrong, it maxes at 3.3V.

@ PintSize.Me - correct!