Arduino controlled wings

Is it a bird…? Well, something like that, it’s a Flying Dutchmen…

This guy build his own wings controlled by an Arduino, Wii and an HTC Wildfire. Very cool project!


wasnt expecting that to be quite as freakin awesome as it is :o

I agree with the previous poster … was not expecting to see a real flying dude - simply amazing.

Wow… If he would add a way to use leg power once in the air I just might be able to fly that to work. Hmmm…

There seems to be some speculation on the web that this is a fake. If it is then its a damn good one.

I must admit I almost loudly squealed, at work, after watching this.

But it does looks a bit fake when they “film” from the side. Body movements are a bit unrealistic, especially if you concentrate on the legs and what he’s doing with them.

This has to be a prank

I expect we’ll see a new post on that site within 2 weeks, so don’t spoil the fun just jet.

:smiley: :smiley: