Applications that I might work with ChipWorkx

Hi, Iam new to GHI electronics and was wondering if there are any available I/O´s and COM ports on the module ChipWorkx that I can manage to connect to the I/O´s (External sensors) or other microcontrollers into chipworkx´s port and have a engineering application for it?
Basically my project would be to have the ChipWorkx as the main processor running .net and the other microcontrollers for example Pic from microchip running the external field sensors all interfaced via ethernet communication.

My initial idea would be considering this architectural configuration but I need to know if can use the sensors available on the website (Gadgeteers sensors)!

Thank you very much

Yes there are plenty of available IOs and many buses to connect to other devices.

Gadgeteer sensors are not meant ot be used with non-gadgeteer mainboards. It can be done with some hacking but we do not provide support for that.

Although GHI does not give any support for it, I mean it is pretty clear that if I can use the gadgeteers sensors and adapt it to application, there is no secret right, i mean, it is all programming and make the right adptations respecting of course specifications of the products!

I really liked the idea of using the cameras from gadgeteers and controlling by distance using Bluetooth Com on the .net framework! It is totally doable right?

Thank you very much!

Yes there is no secret and the module’s driver source codes are all public.

Gus, do u know if I can be able to buy this module (Chipworkx) within a week? Do u know if they have on stock? Do you have a sales person contact so I can talk to them? Sorry for the incovenience!

Thanks !

It is in stock