Application Protection - SDK Version 1.0.4

In the release notes for SDK Version 1.0.4 I see that Application Protection is not yet implemented… Do you have a projected release date?


What product are you referring to?

It’s great! Slightly off the topic, but what about PPP?

[quote]andre.mLegend with 52,972 exp.
5 months ago
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we expect the implementation within the next weeks with the next sdk[/quote]

Hello andre.m,

Has the “Application Protection” feature been implemented missing from the NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3 and if not, do you know when we can expect this as we’re unable to use the new modules in production till this feature is released. Thank you.

No not yet unfortunately.

Thank you for the reply Gus. Any idea on an ETA on this?