Application Protection for G400

Are there any updates on with Application Protection will be supported on the G400?.. We are looking to replace our EMX system with G400, but without Application Protection we can’t move into production.


Nighter device this feature today but we ate looking to add in the next major release in few months.

Sounds like Gus started working before drinking his coffee this morning… :wink:

Wheeewwwww so it’s not just me. I was starting to doubt my already questionable english language skills…

@ Ian @ Simon

You think you have problems… I fully understood what Gus was saying… :think:

@ Gus time to upgrade the phone? :wink:

“It’s the craftsman not the tool…”

:wall: I am sorry guys. I need new glasses, not just a new phone :slight_smile:

I always blame the tool :wink: