"Apple I" computer just sold for a cool $668,000

Sure wish I had $668,000 to blow on Gadgeteer stuff…

I am sure GHI also wishes you had $668,000 to blow Gadgeteer stuff :slight_smile:

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Actually, it appears it was $671,400.


He bought it from another guy for $40K just a couple months earlier :smiley:

I’ve to sell Apple ][ 48K with external 5" floppy, but for less money … you get it for only $450,000 !!
Free of charge I add: 9" b/w monitor, Apple joystick, Z80 card for CP/M os.

But your’s doesn’t come with the letter from SJ.

I suspect that is why dobova is selling it at such an affordable price. :slight_smile:

I think $671,000 out of $671,400 was for the letter. :wink:

I am sure it was.

But, I hope you did not take my response seriously, I thought throwing the word ‘affordable’ into the sentence would have made it clear I was joking. Unless of course $450,000 is actually affordable to you, in which case, can I get a loan? :whistle:

I hope you don’t think I will seriously sell something like that ! My poor father had to spill US$ 5,960 (floppy included, I bought it in Calgary, Canada) in 1979. I show it with attached a framed picture of the invoice !
So in 35 years it gains value!

PS: I forgot : I’ve original Basic Compiler for Apple by Billy Gates, with his sign !

@ dobova - it is very cool that you have that machine, when last did you fire it up?

I hope to soon acquire a ZX Spectrum, remembering a time when there was at least a possibility of having a comprehensive understanding of the machines we worked with.

@ taylorza - I do understand good joke! :wink:

@ dobova - I would wait few more years for sure :wink: