Microsoft must really hate them because trying to do a CreateInstanceAndUnwrap from an AppDomain completely hangs everything. Not even the emulator can manage to muddle its way through this command to offer anything so helpful as an error code.

This was working in previous version of NETMF. Anyone have any insights as to work arounds?

Interesting. With nothing else loaded I actually am able to get into AppDomains. I’ll have to look into this further and let you know what I find.

Ske, it would be a good idea to post some simple code that demonstrates the issue.


I’ve found something that works :smiley:

It doesn’t work inside of Pyxis yet but it’s only a matter of time until I track down the difference between the new app I’ve created and Pyxis.

Here’s the general principal of what will be happening from now on.

Pyxis 2 creates a marshal-able object in a new app domain. Obviously this new object’s assemblies are immediately loaded to the Default app domain, but no worries.

From there this new object in a new app domain loads additional assemblies (Apps) these assemblies do NOT fall down to the default app. So it acts as a go-between, being created and destroyed every time an app is launched.