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Cool Project by Google:


Really cool. Now I just need to find a good deal on 6000 RGB arcade buttons :smiley:


@ ianlee74 - Maybe google can help here … :wink:

For some reason I have might doubts… Mr. Google would not only need to find the buttons but he’d also need to find them for about a penny a piece before I’d be tempted to build a wall of buttons :smiley:

I am fairly surprised that I cant find any similar rgb illuminated buttons on alixpress.

Just super expensive metal ones that only have a colored ring, or cheapo monochromatic tactile switches (that are still 20 cents each).

hehehe I’m fairly surprised someone else did the same searching as me :slight_smile: :whistle:


looks exactly like the buttons in video and price could be okay depending on the order quantity.

Google used Arcade Game Pushbuttons

Those are not only just 1 color - they don’t even LIGHT UP.

It’s just a button :frowning:

On the video you can see that hey are adding RGB led to each button. And the button are the same plastic button shell with micro-switch.

Ooh. Okay.