Anyone with experience with ImageCraft Cortex compiler?

I am looking at purchasing a compiler for Cortex M processors. ImageCraft is one that I have come across. It seems to have all the features I need with a reasonable price. (IAR and Keil are unreasonable in my opinion.)

Does anyone have any first hand experience with ImageCraft? They currently only support M3 processors but M0 and M4 are coming soon. I primarily will need it for ST M0 and M3 processors.


Why not GCC?

I assume this is for a commercial project rather than a home one based on the fact you are willing to pay for it?

It was many years ago that I used an Imagecraft compiler and at the time it lacked in drivers. You basically got the standard C stuff and nothing else.

They have come a long way since then and price wise it looks reasonable.

I didn’t check but do they have a trial version you can play around with first?

For home projects and a small commercial one with a Cortex M0 I used the Coocox but the libraries are bit of a mess and do need a little work to get going but it only added a day or 2 to the project.

Another Cortex M3 environment I use is Netbeans with GCC.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Thanks for the response.

Yes it is a commercial project. Yes, there is a 45 day full feature trial. I am waiting for some hardware to show up before I start the 45 day trial.

I have looked at GCC and it has some benefits. Purchasing development tools has it benefits too. It is helpful to have some stability and one contact point to resolve issues. However, $5K to $6K for IAR and Keil type environments are just way too far out of my budget.