Anyone used the G248 Accel?

I am starting to work on the G248. It has a very simple interface - just query for X/Y/Z. At rest and a flat surface, it should read 0/0/256. But at rest, mine seems to bounce all over the place. The x seem to stay almost constant at 0 no matter what orientation I put the sensor in. The Y and Z return number like 0, 512, -256, 512, 256 - again, regardless of orientation of the sensor. I never get any counts very far from 0, 256, 512, -256, or -512.

It “look like” the values are floating. I double checked to make sure the designer agrees with the physical connection. I am using socket 5 on a hydra.

Has anyone used this module and seen different behavior?

OK, I got it working.

The Hydra I was using also had a TE35 and a LED7C and the G248 and a USBClientSP. On a hunch, I tried the module on a Cerberus, thinking that maybe I wasn’t giving the board enough power. And it works fine now,.

Handy safety tip: Make sure you have enough power to the board for all the modules you have plugged in.