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Anyone tried the MFToolkit on Codeplex?


I’m assuming it would work on the Ethernet enabled FEZes. I haven’t had a chance to try it myself, but it looks like there is an amazing amount of stuff in there.

Before you roll your own webserver you may want to check this out first.



I think this kit was built with NETMF 3.0. I am not sure if it updated to work with NETMF4.1


It was updated this week for NetMF 4.1


He really need to add some more description of the kit then a few lines of using dns for mx/txt record. I assume from reading that, it has something to do with dns and networking, but don’t really want to download and crack a zip to figure out features. And redirecting to a blog that does not help much either. Makes it a lot of work to just figure out why I may want it.


You can view the source online here:


Agreed it needs more documentation, all (99%) of developers hate creating documentation :slight_smile:

If your interested in the project, and end up using it, perhaps you could request to be a contributor to the project and add any examples / documentation you can to help the next person out that wants to use it?

I’m sure the folks involved would appreciate it.


I also download this toolkit. Thanks for their hard work.
I also don’t how to use it.
When I unzip the file, they have two folders, Relase and Debug.
What is the different between Relase and Debug?
If I want to use Xbee class, do I need to add reference for Xbee, MicroXbee or something else?

Thank you


@ Tzu, Release and Debug are built off the same code base, the difference is that with a debug build, there are debugging symbols and other information available. This allows you to attach the debugger and step though code, and may have other code included (such as Debug.Print lines). When compiled under release, code optimization is performed by the compiler, and debug information is not included.

Your choice as to which one you use, I typically stick with debug builds as it makes it easier to step into and debug the code. Functionality wise, they will be the same though.

Can’t help with the Xbee vs MicroXbee though - sorry…


If you want to use XBee/Zigbee hardware you will need to add references in your project to the MicroXBee and the MicroIO dll’s.

Projects that are prefixed with “Micro” are to be used with the .NET Micro Framework 4.1.

All other projects not prefixed with “Micro” can be used with the regular .NET Framework 4.